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Gordon Kohl


MARCH  2024 

 Hello ALSI Members & Friends,

     I hope everyone is having a safe, productive, and enjoyable  2024. I’m taking more time for playing and practicing. I give myself time to play chords, scales, music note patterns and speed exercises. By springtime my finger dexterity is set for the rest or year. The ALSI steering committee is making plans to invite accordion artists for exciting showcases in the near future. Stay tuned. I am so happy to hear ALSI members at our recent monthly meetings playing new challenging songs. This gives a bump to their musicianship and an enhanced repertoire. Our monthly meetings afford our members and guests to play for a wonderful appreciative audience. Every meeting gives us a unique experience whether listening or watching the accordionists playing on stage. See you all Sunday

march 10th, at 1 P.M.

Be sure to set your clocks FORWARD one hour the night before.

Very musically yours,

Gordon Kohl


January's message;

Dear ALSI members and friends;

Catch my Zoom. See home page info.

    Welcome to our January 2024 Meeting and Accordion music program.

 Today we will have members play music and  "Jam Seesion" too. This is fun.

    I thank you for all being here today. Your participation in ALSI 2024 will insure that we can  continue to share Accordion Music with others in San Diego and other cities near and far.

       I look forward to hearing everyone of you Accordionists in the near future.  We encourage everyone to try and participate in playing a Accordion Solo or in a group activity.

     Stay well, smile and enjoy your music.

   In friendship,

           Gordon Kohl.


  Forward and Positive for more in 2024!

         Commentary by Donna

   Looking back at ALSI’s 2023, I’d say we had a pretty fine year.

     We gained 6 new and ACTIVE members in 2023! Fantastic!

     We started the year with a fabulous showcase by Martina Li via Zoom.

     We had our Musical Couples Duet Extravaganza in April, and some special performances by several members.

    We introduced a few jam sessions, initiated our Facebook page, and enjoyed some special foods along the way.

    We certainly ended with a fun and festive and well-attended December meeting.

   With your involvement we’ll continue to grow and thrive into the new year!

       by   Donna (our newsleter creator).


                     Resolutions for 2024!

  1.)  Attend monthly ALSI meetings. Bring a friend.

  2.)  Play a song at the monthly meeting.

  3.)  Write an article for the ALSI reed block newsletter.

  4.)  Memorize a song each ............

  5.)  ............................

  6.)  ............................


https://youtu.be/QxzNnwIHsM0 Click here for video.



Click here to watch Gordon on video.





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