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A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

  The monthly newsletter is: THE REED BLOCK which includes details of:   

 - Meeting information and summaries,

 - Concert notices,
 - Picnic and special event notices,
 - New release reviews of audio and video products,
 - Member biographies,
 - Where local artists are playing,
 - News of ALSI Ensemble activities,
 - General accordion news

 2023  Annual MEMBERSHIP/SUBSCRIPTION costs are:
 $25 USA, $26 Canada, $27 for International, and
 $100 for Gold Membership per person.
Add $10 if you want a hard copy mailed to your address.


* * * 2023  MEMBERSHIP * * *

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 Annual  2022  Dues renewal are still only ($25) or $100 Gold

Same rates as the last 10 years $25 USA, $26 Canada, $27 International

Add $10 if you want a hard copy mailed to your address.

Lois 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120



. ( Note; you can make payment at the monthly meeting)
 We have a great staff of volunteer writers, promoters and artists:



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