A. L. S. I. Join us in San Diego
A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

Sunday Oct 24th ALSI Zoom only meeting

See details on Home page.


Sunday    Nov 14 th    1:00 - 4:00 pm.
Mt Miguel. -  Heritage Day, dress up and play your ethnic music.

Your chance to play and shine, @ Bailey Hall.

Be strong, be safe and follow all precautions.

~ 98% of vacinated illneses have avoided hospitalization.

*****    TODAY   *****

Sun Nov 21Gordon Kohl  Zoom Workshop. 

Accordion Workshop on ZOOM  3:45 - 6:00 P.M.   $20.

Use Pay-pal at;     gkohl5890@gmail.com


Music is sent out to participants  by PDF Files. Class payment is by Paypal,  

Dec 12 - Holiday Special. Surprise guest artist.

* * * *  2022 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL  * * * *

$25 Still the same as in all previous years!

or $100 GOLD membership.

Send newsletter submissions to;  loislahoud@cox.net


 - 3385 Willard St. https://www.music123.org/information    gregzinser@gmail.com          

Practice, Practice, Practice.


Need a lesson now?  Gordon  can Skype / Zoom you a les son. It;s easy.

  619-395-0454   /      gkohl5890@gmail.com     e-mail


Click here to watch Gordon's videos.


Do a search for Accordions on your cable or TV to find these shows.
Factory Made /  Accordion assembly - Sci-fi network - How it's made.



* * * *  2022 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL  * * * *

$25 Still the same as in all previous years!

or $100 GOLD membership.

Send newsletter submissions to;  loislahoud@cox.net


Cotati Festival Sept 25 & 26    https://cotatifest.com


Go check out the updated   -   Museum of Making Music .

 MoMM   (760) 438-5996


Sorry - NO Zoom for Nov. 14th. meeting this month.


Gordon has decided to hold all our meetings  FREE,  by way of Zoom. 
What a great opportunity for us to see all our members at home and out of state!
Zoom with ALSI  !​
1. Send gordon an e-mail that you are interested. You will receive
an e-mail from Gordon. Make sure your e-mail in our database is current.   gkohl5899@gmail.com.  In this e-mail you receive, you will see "Join zoom meeting" followed by a link, which is a series of letters and numbers underlined in blue. ON a passcode, don't mistake the number 0 for the letter O or o.  Please sign in as early as 12:30 pm. There may be technical chalenges at 1pm.
It will get busy and you may not get invited in.
Have speakers on,  Video camera & microphone optional.
2. Make note of meeting ID number and Password.
 3.  Click on the link. A window will open ad you will see an option to open and install the zoom program.   Click on the option to open / install.
4.  Be sure to select “Join with audio” when you see the option to be heard.
5. You will see a window that says "The host will let you into the meeting soon" and eventually you’ll see on your screen, Gordon and all the other attendees, each in their separate "frames",  as each one is let into the meeting.
6. Whether you are using a computer, tablet, or a smart phone, you will need
to find the audio speakers, microphone and video camera controls.
These may appear as icons inside your photo square, or you may have to hover your mouse around the bottom of the screen to "light up" the icons.
7. Good luck!  see you there.

Hope you are all well.  We miss you & will be back together and performing again.

Be strong, get vacinated, be safe, stay healthy, Practice social distancing, wear a mask

and Practice your Accordion.


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