A. L. S. I. Join us in San Diego
A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

May 3rd. Sunday    1:00 PM to 4 PM


Sorry,  April meeting is cancelled.


The next Meeting is 1st Sunday,  since the 10 th is Mothers day.

You're oportunity for open mic. Goodies and refreshments provided.

You are welcomed to bring in some of your favorite treats.

Please call Bob Warner (858) 748-3559 to schedule a time slot for open mic.
or you can call Gordon Kohl (619) 395-0454 for music advise.

June  4 - 6 Gordon's workshop.

April 5th,  Meeting is cancelled, Sorry.

May  3rd  1st Sunday due to Mothers day being on the 2nd Sunday.
June 14th  Picnic – Bailey Hall, bbq to be catered.
July  12th  – showcase suggestions:  Sami & Tiina Zien or Linda Jo Hibbert
August 2nd  – 1st Sunday – Nick Ballarini is scheduled to be our guest.


May 14th. - 16th. Camp Concerto with Paul Pasqualli, Salt Lake City, Utah
June 4th. - 6th. 3 day workshop with Gordon Kohl in Chula Vista
August 5th. - 9th. ATG Accordion Festival Los Angeles 2020
August 22nd. – 23rd. Cotati Accordion Festival
October 26nd. - 29th. Las Vegas International Accordion Convention


Beginner Accordion Ensemble forming March 15th
For March it will be 3rd and 5th  Sundays. Mar 15 & 29 th.
First and Third Sundays each month thereafter.
Gordon Kohl will help facilitate our group.
In Mission Hills at 3782 Dana Place Between I-5 & I-163.
RSVP Daria Doering at home 619-294-6577 or (text) 619-788-2042
doeringsx5@gmail.com  see article in Reed Block newsletter pg. 11.


Gordon wants all of you to attend the ATG Accordion Festival Los Angeles.

August 5th-9th.. ATG Accordion Festival Los Angeles 2020



* * * *  2020 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL  * * * *

$25 Still the same as in all previous years!

or $100 GOLD membership.

Send newsletter submissions to;  loislahoud@cox.net

Entrance FREE for first time attendees. $5.oo for returnees.


Go check out the Museum of Making Music.

 MoMM   (760) 438-5996


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