Join us in San Diego
                          Join us in San Diego                       

Sun March 11 th.  1:00 - 4:00 pm.

Irish Music & etc.  Be sure to turn your clocks forward 1 hour, the night before.

 Open Mic, come and play your  Accordion tunes.

Back to Bailey Hall, Spring Valley, Calif.

Gordon Kohl, ALSI band and all of you will play Accordion music.

Please call Bob Warner to submit your play list 858-748-3559.


* * * *  MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL TIME   * * * *

$25 Still the same as in all previous years!

or $100 GOLD membership.


This has been a sad month with the recent passing of 2 of our very much loved and talented members;

Kjell Holmes and Al Jacobs. Our condolences go out to each of their families.

Kjell was our dedicated ALSI past president and was an integral part of ALSI since 1980.

Al Jacobs, our cherrished 93 year old, who still had a zest performing for us monthly at our meetings.


April 5, 6 & 7 - Thu-Sat, Gordon Kohl will put on a Morning and Afternoon

Master Teaching Accordion Camp in Chula Vista, with lunch. see home page.

April 8 - Spring Extravaganza!

May 6 - Heinz Trilck will play for us at ALSI.

June 10th - Annual Pic-Nic Lindo Lake, Lakeside, Ca.

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