A. L. S. I. Join us in San Diego
A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

Sunday  March 10 th. @ 1-4 pm.

Gene Kolosney from the Chicago Accordion Club

He was born in Buffalo, New York in 1937. He was first in-troduced to the accordion in grade school and took basic lessons for about 3 years utilizing the “Saddon Method”. Gene’s amazing aptitude for the accordion enabled him to perfect his unique style and capabilities on his own. He has been asked to play at the Chi-cago Accordion Club on many occasions for pre-meeting solo work as well as with being featured

on the main program with bass and drums accompaniment.
He played weekend gigs in Western New York until 1963. Business opportunities moved him to Cleveland and later to Chicago in 1968. Gene ran the Chicago operation for Pacific Life for 30 years. During that time he continued to perfect his playing primarily for friends and family He didn’t know much about harmonic theory until the mid 90’s. At that time he connected with a classical vir-tuoso and Julliard graduate, Paul Holmes. Paul introduced him to the circle of 5ths, trip tones, sub-stitutions, etc.. He shared a book he authored on Harmonic ideas. This opened up a whole new world of creativity and improvisation.
Most of Gene’s musical feel and knowledge comes from listening to music of all kinds. He is able to replicate and improvise without music. The accordion and piano are his lifelong personal hobbies he enjoys Previn, Ramsey Lewis, Oscar Peterson and more. He plays a wood Victoria; similar to Frank Morocco and currently spends winter months in Scottsdale Arizona.



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Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA  Now till August  19, 2019
Take a close look and listen at the current state of the accordion across the country.

March 22  Creosote & Frank Patrilli at Museum of Making Music. Buy tickets now.





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