A. L. S. I. Join us in San Diego
A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       


Gordon Kohl, Chula Vista, CA. 91910

(619)   427-4344

     H street Trolley stop, Blue line, Chula Vista.

For sale; 

Italian Accordion.  There are 2 Bass and 3 treble Registers.
Nice fun weight instrument to play and develop skills.     Price $300


    Gordon Kohl........ 619-427-4344

    Polka Dots.......  Vicky

    Tom Eskola ........619-423-2225



Cotati festival  Aug 19 & 20 


Cory Pesaturo



510 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942        619-466-1938


International Accordion Convention Las Vegas Oct TBD 2023?


Accordion Life Magazine  




Invited by a link underlined in blue. ON a passcode,
don't mistake the number 0 for the letter O or o.  Please sign in as early as 3:40 pm.

There may be technical chalenges at 4pm.
It may get busy and you may not get invited in.
Have speakers on,  Video camera & microphone optional.
2. Make note of meeting ID number and Password.
 3.  Click on the link. A window will open ad you will see an option to open and

install the zoom program.   Click on the option to open / install.

4.  Be sure to select “Join with audio” when you see the option to be heard.
5. You will see a window that says "The host will let you into the meeting soon" and eventually you’ll see on your screen, Gordon and all the other attendees, each in their separate "frames",  as each one is let into the meeting.
6. Whether you are using a computer, tablet, or a smart phone, you will need
to find the audio speakers, microphone and video camera controls.
These may appear as icons inside your photo square, Activate SSL Certificate or you may have to hover your mouse around the bottom of the screen to "light up" the icons.
7. Good luck!  see you there.

ALSI  Accordion Lovers Society International  Music Afternoon Program with Friends
playing great Accordion Solos. Tell Accordionists near and far, FREE to  attend.  
Bring  family and friends.


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