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A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

Gordon Kohl


MARCH  2021 !

Hello everyone.
As I write this on Tuesday, February 23, it is a beautiful spring-like day in San
Diego. Our San Diego regional accordion club now has followers from many
cities in the United States and also up into Canada. We can
really say we are helping to bring the accordion as a serious
musical instrument to a larger audience.
Our ALSI Showcases have been fantastic, and feature a
variety of music genres. The membership of our Accordion
Club can be proud. We’re going to continue with Showcase
Artists and a variety of music from our local accordionists.
The second hour of our meeting offers the opportunity for
our members to play a song or two. Several of our
members have played for the club on Zoom but many have not yet jumped in.
I encourage everyone of us to help our club stay interesting and participate as
often as you find possible in 2021.
The ALSI Steering Committee would like to say Thank You to all our
members and friends for supporting ALSI in 2020 and into the New Year.
We hope to see and hear you join us at the upcoming monthly March 14th
Showcase Program with Ms. Bonnie Birch. She has a very expansive music
repertoire and will entertain us with some great song selections.
Bye for now. Your friend in music,


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Hello Friends out there in the accordion world,
     This year is going to see many new and innovative approaches for playing music in
public. Accordionists like to play music for parties, be in music club showcases,
music recitals, in orchestras and compete in music festivals. At present most of
these events are on hold for months to come.
      ALSI is going to continue our ZOOM monthly events. We hope that the ALSI members and friends who are regular attendees will continue to participate in this successful music
quest for ALSI.
    Thank You to all of you who have zoomed in and enjoyed a wonderful variety of accordion music these past nine months.
    February 14th will be a special afternoon for ALSI music lovers. Steve and Mike Trucco will fill the air waves on the internet with their beautiful Italian music. They are awesome. The excitement that they bring to their accordion duo is contagious and will have everyone tapping their feet and singing and dancing. This father and son duo is a one-of-a-kind show to enjoy.
    Please send me an email to join in this Italian Festival which will make you feel
like you are traveling in Italy in springtime. We’re looking forward to signing up
new friends to the accordion for this event. I hope to see many of you, February
14th. I’ll send out ZOOM links on Saturday, the day before the event.
Thank you all for being involved in playing and listening to accordion music.

 Warm Regards, Gordon



Greetings to ALSI Members and our Accordion Friends,
   A special Thank You to all of you in the Accordion Music World for continuing to support ALSI in its music endeavors.  Looking back to last Christmas and New Years we were still enjoying monthly accordion club meetings in person. We also had Christmas and New Years music engagements to partake in.

    Be sure to join us on February 14 th for the Trucco's Showcase. Father and Son team.
   On March 1, 2020, several of our ALSI members joined the Yuma Accordion Club in Yuma,
Arizona in an annual and most enjoyable music program. We looked forward to seeing old
friends, and playing a two hour concert raising $1,000 for the Yuma Food Bank.
   After that event, things really changed for all of us. The past nine months have been eventful, challenging, memorable, with both sad and happy moments. Music has been a beacon of light and hope and in spite of lockdowns, we found new opportunities to share our music and knowledge, strengthen old friendships, and build new ones. The ALSI Accordion Club will continue in 2021.

  Happy New Year to everyone. May you, your families, and friends be blessed with
hope for a new year filled with joy and cheer to the control of this worldwide
pandemic, and be renewed with wonderful times ahead.
   I hope to see you on ZOOM on Sunday, January 10th for a great Showcase
Concert with the artistry of Ms. Donna Dee Ray and her husband Dennis. As a
teen she was a United States Virtuoso Accordionist Champion. This will be a really
fun concert. I hope to see you then.
   By the use of ZOOM we are able to stretch our musical arms and reach others all
over the United States with the joy of music. Whether you play an accordion, or any
other music instrument, you are very welcome to join in on our monthly special
events the second Sunday of each month at 12:45 PM Pacific Time. With your help
music will be again in 2021 an expression of ourselves through sounds molded into a
music fabric called "song". 
     Thank You to the ALSI Steering Committee for yourcontinued support. This group has helped numerous times to guide me in finding new ways to make our accordion club fun and purposeful.
    In 2021 your club will continue to involve members and accordion friends to engage in our monthly  ZOOM meetings, or Showcase Accordion Performances. I hope that all of you in the club can find a way to be a part of these musical events.
     My best to you all in 2021. 





Greetings to Everyone.          DECEMBER's message.
The Holiday Season and Christmas are upon us. I can tell that I can play "It's
Beginning To Look Like Christmas" when the Christmas trees first arrive at lots
for sale. The decorations are everywhere and Christmas music is playing in
restaurants and shopping stores.
     I wish you in the ALSI extended family a wonderful safe and joyous Christmas and Holiday Season filled with many memories and blessings.
     Please join us December 13th for the ALSI Holiday Music Program. I’m hoping that all of you accordionists will play a song or two for us all to enjoy. If you still need a song to
play, give me a call. I’ll help you choose and get it ready to share with all of us.
     Also the New Year is approaching and may you all have a fantastic New Year's
Day. Play a board game, and share those favorite holiday treats. Look at the
holiday lights in your neighborhood, and go home to enjoy an eggnog, a warm
fire in the fireplace, and play your accordion.
     Best wishes to every one of you in the accordion world who continue to
keep our club fun and spirited with beautiful music.
Merry Christmas!


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