A. L. S. I. Join us in San Diego
A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

Gordon Kohl



Hello Music Friends,
Wow! The month of February has just flown by like the rain
clouds moving through San Diego the past few weeks. The hills
east of San Diego are green and so colorful. Like the interesting
and spectacular weather we’ve been witnessing lately, so has
been the fantastic music presented at the recent club meetings.
Thank You ALSI Members and Friends for sustaining our club venue these past
months. Each month we have heard quite a variety of songs, some standards as
well as some newer pieces being played on the accordion.
In March I am looking forward to playing a showcase for ALSI. This program
will show how versatile both the acoustic and digital accordion instruments are in
the music world. Please come tap your feet, clap your hands, sing along to a
favorite song you may remember, or pick your partner and do a spin or two on the
carpet. I will be joined by my drummer Patrick Kingsland and at end of my
program for a encore song with Mikel Krause on the tenor saxophone. The
March and April ALSI Programs will be open to the public and free.
I wish everyone a beautiful springtime and new memories with your families and
with your ALSI friends here in San Diego. ALSI has brought music to audiences
for many good years now, and will keep on riding the wave of live music for San Diego.
Best Regards,
Hello Music Friends, FEBRUARY's MESSAGE;
We had a great January here at ALSI with both an in-person meeting and also a fantastic Zoom Showcase with accordionist Martina Li. I was so very happy to see some ALSI members, accordionists and friends come out to Escondido for my duo gig with violinist Alicia Previn. It’s rewarding and inspiring for me to gig with wonderful musicians.
See you soon at Bailey Hall live, our main meeting location. Please check out the ALSI website. The address, and a current calendar of events is there, too. A big Thank You to our webmaster, Al Piselli.
I hope that all of our club members and friends come out and support the many special programs we have planned for our ALSI Sundays in the coming months.
All the best in health and happiness.
Gordon Editor’s note: Thanks to Lois for pointing that Alicia is also an author, songwriter, and recording artist.
She is the daughter of Andre Previn.
Gordon Kohl.
- JANUARY 2023 message;
Hello ALSI members and accordion friends. -
Happy New Year to each of you and may this year continue to bring enjoyment playing and listening to accordion music. A variety of accordion showcases and playouts are coming our way in 2023. Each month will be new and interesting as soloists, duet performances, group/ensemble music sets, and members and guests take the stage to bring us some wonderful music. The accordion has once again taken the world stage.
You can hear the sounds of the accordion in many movie and television music tracks. Just listen, and be surprised and amazed at what the accordion can sound like. Thank you for helping to make 2022 a successful year for ALSI events and meetings. We are now enjoying in person meetings on the second Sunday of most months in the year.
In addition we will try to continue offering occasional open mic Zoom programs so our out of town members can showcase their accordion artistry. These programs are fun with accordionists playing classical, standards, ethnic and other special songs that surprise the listener.
Note that we have two events in January: our regular in person meeting at Mount Miguel on January 8, and our first special zoom event of the year on Sunday, January 22, featuring Martina Li, an amazing guest artist. Martina will play at 1 PM for about 40 minutes, followed by open mic. Check the monthly calendar and join us for great times in 2023. See you all soon.



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