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Gordon Kohl



The Holidays are fast approaching with the merriment and music of the season. Thank You for coming out and playing your Accordion Music at Bailey Auditorium. The Second Sunday in November we will be back there and playing Music of several ethnic cultures. The ALSI The Steering Committee appreciates members and friends for joining and once again being part of our Accordion family.
 Now also is the time to check over your Accordion for things that can be adjusted in maintenance. Also practice your favorite Christmas and Klezmer tunes. The weeks are going to go very fast as we approach December. My Thanks to everyone who has made 2021 another year for the Accordion. ALSI misses some of you who are ill. Please get well soon. See you November 14th for some wonderful songs of near and far. Best Wishes, Gordon.



Welcome everyone,                   OCTOBER'S message;

The ALSI  Accordion Club continues to adapt it's meetings and special events to the current
safety limitations which we try to follow.  Yes, at present we will be most welcome back to 
Bailey Auditorium for an in person Sunday Afternoon on October 10th at 1PM.  I certainly am
hopeful that our members will also be joining us then.  You are asked to wear a mask when not
on stage playing the Accordion. All of our safety is most important.  Most of us have had our 
Covid vaccinations for a while.  
   The music theme for October will continue to be Oktoberfest Music, Show Tunes, Standard Song
Favorites Of Yours, and yes even Alpine Folk Songs are fun to play and hear this time of year.
I would be happy to hear all our Accordionists Members and Friends play their favorite songs.
Many of you I have not seen or heard play the Accordion for one and a half years.  Time has really
moved it seems slowly and yet  quickly at moments during the Pandemic.  Der Gemutlichkeit!  Cheers!   See you Soon.
Hello Accordion Friends!
I can’t believe I’ve been putting together the newsletter for almost a year and a
half ! It’s a nice little outlet for my small streak of creativity. !
As of “publishing time” it still looks good for returning to Mount Miguel at our
old time and place, September 12 (second Sunday of the month), 1 PM - 4 PM
at Bailey Hall. Two weeks ago I reconfirmed our return with the Activity
!Director. Please bring a mask in case we are asked to wear one.
We understand, however, that things can change day by day in these times, and
there is potential for the facility to rescind their invitation if COVID restrictions
return. If we were to get canceled, we’ll make every effort to notify all our
members by e-mail or phone.
You can also check the website: www.accordionc!lub-sandiego.org
The picnic was a huge success! It was great to see so many members that we
haven’t seen in person in such a long time. Thanks to all who came out to visit,
listen, or play. !Finally, is it my imagination, or is the daylight already getting shorter? Ok, I
know it’s true. We are approaching the Autumnal Equinox on Sept. 22, when
the amount of daylight and darkness are equal. After that, the daylight will
continue to shrink, and we’ll have to turn on the lights even sooner to practice
our accordions in the evening!


AUGUST notes;

       Hello, I’m looking forward to seeing ALSI friends and accordionists for an afternoon of music and fun at Lindo Lake Park Sunday afternoon August 1, from 12 Noon to 3 P.M. I’m hoping that all of our local members, after not seeing each other for 16 months, will come out to the picnic. Please bring your refreshments, sandwich, beverage, and a folding chair to relax and enjoy time with friends. This pandemic has been challenging for many of our members and friends. Our prayers and good wishes go out to all who have family members or friends pass away during this ordeal. I’d like to thank everyone who helped keep accordion music going during the pandemic, and special thanks to Vicki Eriqat, Donna Kaspar, Sharon Marotte, Ted Hill, Al Piselli, Lois Lahoud, Tom Eskola, Bill Barr and Bob Warner for the help and wisdom in helping to provide accordion entertainment on Zoom and in person drive-way concerts this past year. Many wonderful accordion artists shared their beautiful music with our extended virtual Zoom audience. I’m so excited to let the ALSI membership know we’ll be returning to Mt. Miguel Village at Bailey Hall September 12th at 1PM. Yes! We are returning to an in person meeting and playout for our local accordion friends. We also plan to announce an upcoming date and time for continuing our successful and most enjoyable Zoom ALSI Club meetings. The response to this venture has led to many accordion clubs sharing ideas and their talent in Showcases and workshops, with new and out of the area/state followers joining ALSI. This is fantastic. ALSI is a venue for us all to enjoy each other’s common interest in music and building new and renewed friendships. Be safe, well and see you all very soon. In friendship, 





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