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Gordon Kohl


DECEMBER  2020 !

Greetings to Everyone.
The Holiday Season and Christmas are upon us. I can tell that I can play "It's
Beginning To Look Like Christmas" when the Christmas trees first arrive at lots
for sale. The decorations are everywhere and Christmas music is playing in
restaurants and shopping stores.
     I wish you in the ALSI extended family a wonderful safe and joyous Christmas and Holiday Season filled with many memories and blessings.
     Please join us December 13th for the ALSI Holiday Music Program. I’m hoping that all of you accordionists will play a song or two for us all to enjoy. If you still need a song to
play, give me a call. I’ll help you choose and get it ready to share with all of us.
     Also the New Year is approaching and may you all have a fantastic New Year's
Day. Play a board game, and share those favorite holiday treats. Look at the
holiday lights in your neighborhood, and go home to enjoy an eggnog, a warm
fire in the fireplace, and play your accordion.
     Best wishes to every one of you in the accordion world who continue to
keep our club fun and spirited with beautiful music.
Merry Christmas!



  Hello Music Friends,    Novembers Message.......
I hope you are well and adjusting to our changing times. Life goes on and music has been a big help for me. Studying and playing a musical instrument as intriguing as the accordion has kept me focused. Play your accordion and enjoy your talent. This is a time to be inventive
and explore your music.
          I’m looking forward to hearing all accordionists join in the ALSI Heritage Music Program on Sunday November 8 from 1 PM to 3 PM. I ask that everyone begin signing in at 12:30 and no later  than 12:50 so we can begin at 1 with a fantastic program with a variety of songs
from around the world. Please join in on Zoom this day. You can simply click on the link that I send via e-mail, or use the meeting ID and password to sign in from your zoom account.
Thank you all. Have a great November and Thanksgiving with your families.

In Friendship, Gordon.



Hello ALSI friends.!!        OCTOBER   message.

     I hope everyone is enjoying our beautiful San Diego weather since our last heat wave subsided. !!ALSI is becoming quite a special place where we can say hello to music friends near and far. 

     Our last meeting had friends joining from Texas, South Carolina, Oregon, Arizona, and Canada.!!    The new on-line communication tool has touched all accordion artists and listeners.  I’m perhaps one of the last to get onboard with on-line education.  But we have to look at the positive side and the opportunities that technology provides, such as seeing old friends when we can’t get together in person, and making new friends across the country.  Don’t be afraid to try zoom.  I do have a professional I.T. person who can help those of you in need of assistance.  !!

     A special thank you to Donna, Ted, Lois, Al, and Bob Page for helping us keep our club going during these trying  past 7 months with newsletter and website.!!  A Thank You to the membership and new friends who are becoming involved with our special Zoom Concerts and other activities.  Thank You Bob Warner for continuing to add side stories about the music our guests performers play.  And Sharon who is always there to help and also provides the monthly “Happiness” article and “Member Spotlights”.   And to Vicki who keeps interest alive for our Accordion Ensemble.!!

     I am very excited about our October 11 meeting which will be a "Zoom Accordion Concert"  with the incomparable  and wonderful accordionist Betty Jo Simon.  She is amazing.  For the twenty plus years I have had the fortune to hear her play the accordion, it has always been inspiring, motivational, and simple a joy to hear her music styles. Somehow find a way to be with us for this very special afternoon of accordion music. !! 

       We are once again planning a list of accordionists to play for our November "Heritage Festival".  The October and November special ALSI events will be 1 - 2:30 pm.  We have a lot of wonderful music coming our way the next several months.  !  Be sure to sign in 15 to 30 minutes ahead of meeting time.

Your friend,



Hello everyone.   from  SEPTEMBER   2020

  I’m sure you’ve noticed the daylight continuing to diminish as we roll into the autumn months. It’s hard to believe it’s already September! The month is filled with several special days including the Labor Day Holiday on the 6th, Patriot Day on the 11th, Grandparents Day on the 13th, and the autumnal equinox on the 22nd. The ALSI Accordion Club will continue to offer you and your friends our monthly Zoom meetings. Our meeting this month will be September 13th at 1 PM. Please join up 15 - 30 minutes early so we’re ready to go at 1 PM.

  In September all accordionists may have an opportunity to play one or two songs. We’ll all have a good time. Please practice your song as though you are playing live for an audience. You are! Our Zoom presentation is live and the music is enjoyed by an audience of music lover's near and far. I’m very pleased that we have a growing Zoom audience and people interested in signing on to receive info for our upcoming events. Our next Showcase Concert will be at our October meeting and will feature the incomparable Betty Jo Simon on Sunday October 11th, at 1 PM. It will be incredible! I encourage you to invite your friends to become involved in our music events monthly. The Music Showcases and other special events will continue until sometime next year when we can once again enjoy an afternoon together at ALSI. Everyone please stay well and take care of yourselves and families. Hopefully we can be together sometime soon.     Gordon.


         It is our wish that it will be as soon as possible for ALSI to get together again when we get a break from the virus. Accordion players just love to be together to play their music, so now is the time to practice for when the time comes.

         You may contact me for any help you may wish with your music at:                 gkohl5890@gmail.com (Skype),  text or phone me at 619 395-0454 or 

          email me at gordonkohl@gordonkohlaccordions.com.
         Be safe and enjoy the little things in life including beautiful sunny  days!
All the best,         Gordon


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