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Gordon Kohl



President’s Message,
Wonderful Accordion events are happening in several venues in the US. Several of us ALSI members were at the ATG event in Chicago. The concerts included a grand performance from Staz Venglevski and also Michael Bridge. Murl Allan Sanders played a set of entertaining selections to show the versatility of the accordion. In the evening I played background music for a festive group of music friends. Finally, after two challenging years, we had an in-person accordion convention. It was fantastic!. We all are ready to go and get involved in new accordion music venues. I hope that ALSI friends will join the inperson meetings we have coming up beginning this August 14th. I hope new accordionists will show up and share their artistry with us all. Please get involved in your accordion club in our beautiful San Diego. For those out there playing a digital “Concerto Accordion”, see you at Camp Concerto in Salt Lake City at the end of August. But First, I’ll be enjoying the Cotati Accordion Festival August 20-21. Always a great time. The accordion is thriving around the world. Listen to music, and hear the heartbeat of the accordion intertwined with many other musical instruments. See you soon, Gordon
Members and Friends of the Accordion,
President’s Message playouts for the ensemble including performances in Balboa Park, Seaport Village, La Mesa Women’s Club, the Del Mar Fair, House of Munich Restaurant, Chargers Blood Drive, and a hosts of gatherings around San Diego. The past two years have been enriched with the talents of many accordionists from other states and Canada. The expansion of our Zoom Showcases and meetings has brought new members, friends, and an extended listening audience for us all to enjoy. I hope you can join ALSI Sunday July 10th for a Zoom Showcase Concert followed by open mic. Eli Clement, a very talented young accordionist from Texas, will be the showcase artist. You will enjoy his command and musical talent. Please take time to support the young accordionists of today and tomorrow. Thank you all for sharing with us at ALSI. Be well and enjoy your summer. In Friendship, Gordon  
JUNE's Message.
Time flies when you’re having fun playing the accordion. These past weeks I traveled to New Mexico and Texas to play the accordion in a wonderful band camp taught by the incomparable husband & wife team Kim & Dan Christian. They made studying and playing the accordion in a group a fun, productive and tremendously rewarding experience. From the first music rehearsal to the &inal evening concert performance, all in our 30-accordionist band were enthusiastic and ready to practice for next year. I know I will join again in 2023. I hope those of you close to San Diego will come join us June 12th at the gazebo at Lindo Lakes Park from 12 noon to 4 PM. Don’t miss out on this fun outing! In July, we’ll be having a special young accordionist, Eli Clements, from Texas give us a grand Zoom Showcase Concert on Sunday July 10th at 1 PM. In addition to performing at our picnic, our very own ALSI Ensemble will have another performance later this summer. I hope all local friends of ALSI will try to come watch them play some beautiful music selections. I am very proud of them. It is difficult to develop many skills on any musical instrument. Some music techniques take years to learn and to master. Under the direction of Vicki Eriqat, each player brings their own skills to the forefront. Please support them. Yes, I mean all of us. Come out and become involved in ALSI. You’ll have fun, learn new musical skills, and be able to see and hear and create beauty in music. Best Wishes, Gordon Kohl
! MAY MESSAGE .............
Members and Friends of the Accordion,
It’s almost time for ALSI’s Summer Picnic. It will be Sunday, June 12th at
Lindo Lakes, from 11:30-3:30. Last year’s picnic was our first in-person event
in a long while. I’m looking forward to having all of you join us and play some
great tunes. In years past we had so many accordionists play at the yearly picnic
that it went on for several hours. An outdoor event is safe, fun and a great time
to visit with new and old music friends. The park is a clean and pretty setting. If
you need help carrying your accordion just come to the gazebo and ask me or Al
for assistance. ! Some of you joined in the fun Saturday afternoon at the ALSI Band
performance in front of their conductor's home in beautiful La Jolla. Vicki
Eriqat put together a nice program of music. I listened later to some song clips
from this program. WOW! The rhythm was wonderful and the members played
fantastic. They can be proud of their accomplishments and improved musicality.
I enjoy playing along with them and I encourage others to also join in and make
this group even better. !
We’ll be continuing the music experience with both in-person meetings and some
special zoom showcases. These Zoom events are a great way to make friends and
hear new performers from other cities and states. Join us on Zoom at 1 PM
this Sunday, May 1, to hear Joe Natoli for what will be a super performance. !
Thank you for staying loyal to the local Accordion Club in San Diego. See you at
the picnic. Bring a friend that likes good music and fellowship. !
My best regards to you all,



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