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                          Join us in San Diego                       

Gordon Kohl


October  2018

Hello everyone!

Music is an important part of a culture’s definition that
we come to know and enjoy. Every country has an unique
style and expression that brings us to that country and the
people from there. Whether you are American, Canadian,
Mexican, Indian, Asian, or European - your heritage has been
told in a story with music. When we hear music from Norway,
we know the music from Kjell Holmes.

From Joe columbo, we definitely have happy Italian songs.
Typically, harvest festivals are at end of the harvest season
in September and October before the weather changes.
There is much to celebrate with bountiful food and drink available.
Our ALSI October 14 meeting is your time to share
music you enjoy. Come and play cultural music that has perhaps
been an inspiration to your playing the accordion.

Our members ( yes - you), including Tom Eskola, will play music to
celebrate a bountiful Octoberfest at our beautiful Bailey Hall.
Come and have a donut or other goodie to celebrate.

Best wishes to all! Gordon

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