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Gordon Kohl


August 2017

Hello to A.L.S.I. friends:
     Once again the Cotati Accordion Festival was an inspiring and successful two day event in Northern California. The people attending yearly or for the first time to this accordion music extravaganza are amazed at the variety of music styles played on the accordion. Accordionists, whether self taught or formally educated in an European old school classical approach or in a modern new ideas of melody/rhythm and harmony, may feel comfortable playing to a truly worldly appreciative audience. $27.00 for 2 days.
     The August ALSI get together was wonderful. Those who were present had an afternoon of awesome music for entertainment. It is so true, like the story of a fisherman, when you get impatient and quit fishing to early then you may have missed catching that really big fish. If we miss attending the monthly accordion fun Sunday afternoons we miss seeing our friends, enjoying great music and solos and possibly that last tasty treat on the dessert table.
     September 10th is our very next Sunday afternoon welcome get together. Garret Kasler a former student of mine will be here to play for us as well as the duo of Sharon and Lois. Do not be that fisherman who missed out, only catching his bait for lunch. Let’s all show and share a big audience for these musicians. A great audience always brings out the best in a musician’s performance. See you Sunday, September 10th around 1PM.
     Thank you to the accordionists who have recently have been showing up and entertaining the residents at area locations at Mt. Miguel Village. Thank you Bob Warner and Bill Barr for keeping the music on track at the meetings. You do a super job. I would like to commend Tom Eskola for his exciting showcase for our August meeting. Also, thanks to Al Jacobs, Max Ghaziary, and others who have played some newer songs for our Sundays.
     I have just received my music package for the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention coming up October 23rd. The music will include a world premier of La La Land selections for orchestra and a grand finale Lady Of Spain tribute to the legend “Dick Contino” Mr. Entertainment.
The L.V. I. A. C. orchestra will be directed by a former accordion world champion herself, Joan Sommers. Three world class accordionists will join the orchestra on stage improvising choruses to Lady Of Spain until the audience has stopped cheering and clapping. This evening M.C. will be the founder of this event Paul Pasquali. His vision of an accordion convention of epic proportions is a phenomenal and he is giving us four thrilling days of concerts. jamming, openmic, friends from near and far and lastly great cuisine.
     See you all at A.L.S.I. Meeting and why not LAS VEGAS?
The incomparable four time world champion accordionist will be there to share the Concert stage. This accordionist can play faster than his accordion can respond and play. Now that is fast!   

     The Las Vegas accordion convention is praised as the largest accordion event for
accordionist with people coming from all countries of the world. Joey Miskolin band
will set the stage once again on “fire” with his “stage” presence and incomparable style.
Classical accordionists will also amaze everyone with “super” classical music magic.
Many other entertainers, teachers, classes and a superbly directed accordion orchestra
will be featured. The date for Las Vegas is Oct. 23rd thru Oct. 26th. at the beautiful
Gold Coast casino. I promise everyone that your host, Paul Pasquale, (Accordions
International, Salt Lake City) will deliver a great experience Las Vegas style for you all to be bedazzled!
Best of health to everyone,

Gordon Kohl

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