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Gordon Kohl


August  2018

President’s Message by Gordon Kohl

Hello Accordion Friends
             Showcase accordionists are coming to town this August and September for our ALSI club get togethers.  We have the incomparable jazz and all around accordionist, Amy Jo Sawyer, for our August 12th. meeting.  This event is totally free to the music loving friends of ALSI.  For our September 9th. meeting, we will treated to a musician who’s style is reminiscent of Myron Floren.  The accordionist is the very accomplished Mike Zampiceni from the San Francisco area.       Having both of these accordions playing for ALSI is a real special occasion.  So much so, it will feel and sound like we are at a symphony hall concert.  Please bring friends to enjoy these special artist.  Your friends will be amazed at the musicianship and expansive repertoire.  See you very soon and enjoy our fantastic San Diego summer days and evenings.— Gordon
With the summer heat please take note:    Because of the incredible warm weather and hot conditions in cars on hot days, transporting your accordion can be challenging.  Please never leave your accordion in a car trunk.  Transport inside of your car and use  air conditioner.  Cover your accordion with a white towel, as dark cases absorb heat.  If the accordion gets too hot, the reed wax will soften or melt.


    August 12 is a special concert treat for ALSI. A superb accordionist will share her spectacular music here in San Diego at Air Conditioned Bailey Auditorium. The concert time will be 2:30 PM with doors opening at 1:30 for goodies and conversation. This concert day will be FREE to the public. Musicians and anyone who would like to hear an accordion super artist should come to hear Amy Jo Sawyer. This is her first visit to San Diego to play a showcase concert.
What a treat!
    Also, August 18th and 19th will be the Cotati “Woodstock of accordion” phenomenal event, eight miles south of beautiful Santa Rosa and close by to the wine country. Hope to see you there. Visit my accordion booth and enjoy the music, where the accordionists just
keep on playing day and night. One needs to wait in line for a root beer float, a popular item for the day. Have a fun summer.

   Ms. Amy Jo Sawyer will be our spectacular Accordion artist Aug 12th. She is a superb Jazz and total musician. She can be sreious as well as very cheerful and entertaining. This will be her first time here in San Diego to play for our Club. We've been trying for a long time to have her as our guest. I sincerely wish that current members will try and bring past club members as guests to this very special concert. Amy - Jo Sawyer will remind you of Joanne Castle from the

days of the Lawrence Welk Show.

   San Diego is a great place for Accordionists to meet.

May your time with family and friends be fun and eventful. I hope that those of you Accordionists find a time and place to share your music with others.  Our previous meetings have been filled with music and cheer. Let us keep it going.

    Summer is a great time to organize your music into sets, practice bellow phrasing and add some new reed switch changes to add freshness to your song arrangements.

  We will do a special Restaurant meeting later this year, so all of you who  can attend. Thank you all for your club support. Have fun and enjoy seeing your friends at ALSI, with music and friendship.

All the best, Gordon

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