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Gordon Kohl


November 2017


Hi Everyone!
    Thank you to participants and those of you attending for supporting a very different Oktoberfest afternoon. Surely we missed having our Oktoberfest venue in beautiful Balboa Park.
The show went on and that was important. I like to keep traditions established for ALSI activities.
    A special thank you to our players for the day. The duets by Linda and Ken, Tom and Vicki required extra practice to put together for our entertainment.
    Our ALSI Heritage Day is coming up, Sunday November 12th. Heritage Day has been a tradition since the 90’s and has been a popular event each year. I hope that players will come participate this day and play their ethnic songs from all over the world. I look forward to seeing many members and friends at Heritage Day.
    The weeks and months are racing on and on. Some of you will be joining me at the Las Vegas Convention. This is a treat for me to see familiar faces and friends and share the enjoy-ment of playing the accordion.
Der Gemutlichkeit! Best wishes to all. Gordon


    Ein Prosit!     Thank you for supporting the 2017 ALSI monthly club activities. You have for years made this club fun and a successful place for accordionists to grow in their music talent.
    We  enjoyed our Oktoberfest event at Bailey Hall. Wore cheerful outfits and costumes. We played some great German folk songs, polkas, marchs, waltz, foxtrots, schottisches, schuhplattlers and even a Rheinlander.
    We made October 8th a great afternoon of fun, good cheer and music! “Der Gumutlichkeit”! (good feeling of friendliness). And apple strudel. Pick those fantastic songs, practice them and remember to sign-up with Bob Warner to play on Oktoberfest day. Sign up when you arrive or to ensure you have a time you like,

                                                 Please call Bob in advance at (858) 748-3359.

Enjoy the season ALSI friends.
Cheers, Gordon.

Gordon Kohl

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