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Gordon Kohl


NOVEMBER  2019 !

Hello ALSI members, family and friends.
May you all have a great November and Thanksgiving. This is the time of year when you can play music for parties and family gatherings. Select those memorable songs that the family will sing along or even dance too. Music always helps to get a party going and bring smiles and chuckles to everyone.
This past year I have heard some wonderful accordion music played by artists from several countries. The accordion artists today are being very expressive, inventive and show a brilliant new sound for playing an acoustic reed instrument. We are hearing new rhythms, twists to bellowing and time signature changes throughout even a single selection. This musical writing style was questionable when I was studying and playing new contemporary music of the 1980’s 1990’s and newer. Music composition ideas and instrumentation are evolving into new uses in film and video.
It is exciting to hear the accordion being brought into a new age of music. The accordion reed can pitch bend and be tuned in a variety of ways to enhance in music compositions. We are in a new age for the accordion. The recent world championships were held in Chin China close to Hong Kong. Accordionists were representative of many countries.
The piano accordion is being chosen now by wonderful worldclass artists and competitors.
We will have an opportunity to see and hear many current top accordionists at the ATG Accordion Convention next August 59 in Los Angeles California. There will be many concerts, workshops and displays daily for educators, accordionists, and the music audiences.
I can tell you that the most recent Las Vegas Accordion Convention was stupendous. The soloists and festival orchestra brought musicality and energy to the accordion music experience. I would say that the mood of the event was exciting. The new participants came to add a spark to the convention. The attendance at all workshops was like 10 years ago. We are seeing a new desire to expand the working knowledge and musicianship of all accordionists. I have been hoping for this occurrence for some time. Past ALSI President, Kjell Holmes and I would talk about this occurrence. The accordion is really becoming more popular in the music world and industry. About time!
I hope that ALSI members will try and come to our Heritage Music yearly event. For years so many local accordionists have shared the stage playing a wealth of ethnic solos. I certainly am looking to hearing everyone’s solos on Sunday, November 10th at 1 P.M. at Mt. Miguel Village in Spring Valley. I encourage all to bring others to hear our best musical club event of the year.
Best Wishes and good health and again enjoy your Thanksgiving family celebrations.


January 5th. Workshop with Gordon Kohl SUNDAY 1:30  5:30 p.m. Chula Vista location 



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I look forward to hearing new solos from many of you and encourage every-one to enjoy the accordion.




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