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Gordon Kohl


JUNE  2021 

Hello ALSI Members and Friends.

I’m looking forward to many of you accordionists participating in our Zoom Accordionfest on June 13. This program is going to be fantastic. We’ll be hearing some great accordion solos from several genres and styles. Select one or two of your favorite solos and email me your proper name spelling as well as the title of the song you want to play (no more than 6 minutes total time.) We’ll have a great program provided we stay on track and keep the music flowing from one artist to the next. With your help we can have an awesome summer Accordionfest for audiences near and far. Newcomers to ALSI are also welcome to participate in this show. Tell your accordion friends about ALSI. We look forward to signing up new followers. For those of you who have joined us on occasion on our monthly zoom meetings, we say thank you. An Associate Membership is a way to help us keep providing special guest accordionists and showcases at our meetings. I look forward to hearing from you. Be well and enjoy playing your fixed reed musical instrument, the accordion.





 MAY 2021 Message      Hello to you all this beautiful springtime in San Diego, 
It’s time to think about the family and friends you wish to visit soon. Now that
many of us have had our COVID vaccinations, we can look forward sometime
soon to meet in person and enjoy each other's company.
I’ve inquired into some of us enjoying a great German lunch or dinner in
Mid-July. Does this sound appealing to some of you ALSI members and
friends? We’re hopeful to have an Accordion Variety Extravaganza Show on
zoom Sunday June 13th. I hope you’ll participate in this event which will
replace this year's annual summer picnic. Follow the ALSI Calendar of
Events. We are full of wonderful surprises.

Each month now for this past year ALSI has been encouraging and supporting
very talented accordionists near and far, as well as enjoying our very own local
members. Because of being on Zoom, we’ve been able to reach accordionists
from other accordion clubs and in several states. Music has given so many of
us a reason to connect with new music friends. I hope that we will want to
continue this music reach out across America into 2022.
The ALSI Steering Committee would welcome your suggestion for promoting
the accordion in 2021 and 2022. Please contact us with your ideas for our
accordion club members and friends to enjoy.
I look forward to seeing you all at our May 2nd ALSI Meeting on Zoom. It will be another great Sunday afternoon of music. We may even have a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE TREAT, Too.
Best Wishes to Everyone,


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Hello Friends of the Accordion and ALSI,
     Spring is here, and that means time for rain showers, flowers and beautiful days. The ALSI Steering Committee and I wish you well and thank you for sharing time with other accordionists and music lovers.
         We’ll be continuing the monthly Zoom meeting for the foreseeable future.
We’re enjoying listening to a wonderful variety of accordionists showcasing
their talent. It has been very enjoyable. I hope those of you enjoying our meetings will continue to attend and invite others. And that those who’ve not yet tried Zoom will give it a try. We have people to help you get started if you need help. 
       Spread the word that ALSI is a club that is here to stay. The club has been
around since the 1980’s. We’re musicians, music lovers, and people who
support the accordion and all its musical possibilities, and encourage
accordionists to expand their knowledge and experience with different genres  of music.
     Those of you who like ALSI are welcome to become members. This is a way
for you to share the ALSI experience monthly and yearly. ALSI has so many
wonderful members that have shared their love of accordion over the years.
    Music coordinators tell me that next year is going to be a booming year for live
accordion music everywhere we go. This sounds good to me!
    It’s always a good time to make new friends and welcome new members and
visitors to our website and Zoom events.
    Happy Easter and best wishes for a healthy springtime wherever you live.



  March's Message;

Hello everyone.     

As I write this on Tuesday, February 23, it is a beautiful spring-like day in San
Diego. Our San Diego regional accordion club now has followers from many
cities in the United States and also up into Canada. We can
really say we are helping to bring the accordion as a serious
musical instrument to a larger audience.
Our ALSI Showcases have been fantastic, and feature a
variety of music genres. The membership of our Accordion
Club can be proud. We’re going to continue with Showcase
Artists and a variety of music from our local accordionists.
The second hour of our meeting offers the opportunity for
our members to play a song or two. Several of our
members have played for the club on Zoom but many have not yet jumped in.
I encourage everyone of us to help our club stay interesting and participate as
often as you find possible in 2021.
The ALSI Steering Committee would like to say Thank You to all our
members and friends for supporting ALSI in 2020 and into the New Year.
We hope to see and hear you join us at the upcoming monthly March 14th
Showcase Program with Ms. Bonnie Birch. She has a very expansive music
repertoire and will entertain us with some great song selections.
Bye for now. Your friend in music,


Click here to watch Gordon on video.





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