A. L. S. I. Join us in San Diego
A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

Gordon Kohl



Hello Music Friends, Members and Family.

       Come one and all to our airconditioned Bailey Hall. Our second live event.


AUGUST notes;

       Hello, I’m looking forward to seeing ALSI friends and accordionists for an afternoon of music and fun at Lindo Lake Park Sunday afternoon August 1, from 12 Noon to 3 P.M. I’m hoping that all of our local members, after not seeing each other for 16 months, will come out to the picnic. Please bring your refreshments, sandwich, beverage, and a folding chair to relax and enjoy time with friends. This pandemic has been challenging for many of our members and friends. Our prayers and good wishes go out to all who have family members or friends pass away during this ordeal. I’d like to thank everyone who helped keep accordion music going during the pandemic, and special thanks to Vicki Eriqat, Donna Kaspar, Sharon Marotte, Ted Hill, Al Piselli, Lois Lahoud, Tom Eskola, Bill Barr and Bob Warner for the help and wisdom in helping to provide accordion entertainment on Zoom and in person drive-way concerts this past year. Many wonderful accordion artists shared their beautiful music with our extended virtual Zoom audience. I’m so excited to let the ALSI membership know we’ll be returning to Mt. Miguel Village at Bailey Hall September 12th at 1PM. Yes! We are returning to an in person meeting and playout for our local accordion friends. We also plan to announce an upcoming date and time for continuing our successful and most enjoyable Zoom ALSI Club meetings. The response to this venture has led to many accordion clubs sharing ideas and their talent in Showcases and workshops, with new and out of the area/state followers joining ALSI. This is fantastic. ALSI is a venue for us all to enjoy each other’s common interest in music and building new and renewed friendships. Be safe, well and see you all very soon. In friendship, 



JULY's Message;

Hello to the ALSI Accordion Club Music Family & Friends.
Can you believe we’ve been doing our ALSI meetings on Zoom for over a year
now? Thank You All for supporting the past year's meetings and activities.
Welcome to all the new members who have joined our club in San Diego.
Thanks also to Sharon and Vicki who have been hosting successful driveway
performances at their homes. Many accordionists, other musicians and music
fans have been participating in these fun gatherings.
Visit the Calendar Of Events on our website to keep up to date on special Showcase Artists, upcoming performances and other special events. July 11th we’ll have another fantastic afternoon of accordion magic when special guest John Novak, and also Craig & Carole Rifel take to the ALSI stage on Zoom.
There will be time for 6 additional soloists to hone their performance skills.
August 1st will be our first in-person ALSI gathering in many months—our
traditional summer picnic at Lindo Lake Park from 12 noon to 3 pm. You are
asked to bring your own food and chairs this day. Please also bring a mask in
case the Ranger would like us to follow a modified city or county plan. WOW!
This is our ALSI Club's new beginning to enjoy music together. I hope our
local San Diego members and friends will try to attend. We’ll need 6 to 10
accordionists to play a few minutes each in person at the picnic.
Everyone stay safe and enjoy your summertime. In friendship,





Hello ALSI Members and Friends.          June's Message.

I’m looking forward to many of you accordionists participating in our Zoom Accordionfest on June 13. This program is going to be fantastic. We’ll be hearing some great accordion solos from several genres and styles. Select one or two of your favorite solos and email me your proper name spelling as well as the title of the song you want to play (no more than 6 minutes total time.) We’ll have a great program provided we stay on track and keep the music flowing from one artist to the next. With your help we can have an awesome summer Accordionfest for audiences near and far. Newcomers to ALSI are also welcome to participate in this show. Tell your accordion friends about ALSI. We look forward to signing up new followers. For those of you who have joined us on occasion on our monthly zoom meetings, we say thank you. An Associate Membership is a way to help us keep providing special guest accordionists and showcases at our meetings. I look forward to hearing from you. Be well and enjoy playing your fixed reed musical instrument, the accordion.



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