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Gordon Kohl


MAY  2022 

Members and Friends of the Accordion, !
It’s almost time for ALSI’s Summer Picnic. It will be Sunday, June 12th at
Lindo Lakes, from 11:30-3:30. Last year’s picnic was our first in-person event
in a long while. I’m looking forward to having all of you join us and play some
great tunes. In years past we had so many accordionists play at the yearly picnic
that it went on for several hours. An outdoor event is safe, fun and a great time
to visit with new and old music friends. The park is a clean and pretty setting. If
you need help carrying your accordion just come to the gazebo and ask me or Al
for assistance. ! Some of you joined in the fun Saturday afternoon at the ALSI Band
performance in front of their conductor's home in beautiful La Jolla. Vicki
Eriqat put together a nice program of music. I listened later to some song clips
from this program. WOW! The rhythm was wonderful and the members played
fantastic. They can be proud of their accomplishments and improved musicality.
I enjoy playing along with them and I encourage others to also join in and make
this group even better. !
We’ll be continuing the music experience with both in-person meetings and some
special zoom showcases. These Zoom events are a great way to make friends and
hear new performers from other cities and states. Join us on Zoom at 1 PM
this Sunday, May 1, to hear Joe Natoli for what will be a super performance. !
Thank you for staying loyal to the local Accordion Club in San Diego. See you at
the picnic. Bring a friend that likes good music and fellowship. !
My best regards to you all,
Hello Music Friends. APRIL's message........
The days are longer now. Springtime is a beautiful time to play and practice my Accordion Solo Project music for 2022. Growing up with music competitions always gave me a new sense of purpose of learning new solo material. With the study came time to memorize and become confident with the bellowing to music phrases. The art of music competitions helped me as a musician to play more each year the music for an audience.
Accordionists returning to study and improve their skills on playing solos should continue fingering drills, metronome use, marking bellow phrase changes, dynamic changes to the melody, and memorize a song in phrases. The sense of accomplishment, and enjoyment from giving time to these areas of musicianship will be rewarding. If you are having a difficult time addressing certain music issues, then get a hold of me. Maybe I can offer some advice encouragement. My trip to the NAA Accordion Convention in Dallas was wonderful. Accordionists from all over the U.S. were present. The two bands played great. Everyone played with a "spark" in their music. Workshops, visiting, going out to the Bavarian Grill and listening to Allan play and sing music made the experience so enjoyable for me. I encourage all accordionists, to get out and enjoy the events that are coming in the next few months for us to play at and mingle with other accordion music lovers. Music is an important part of culture and this year I plan to go enjoy it every chance I can. For sure ALSI is moving forward with Accordion Showcases, live in person and Zoom events. I look forward to seeing and hearing many of you play your new creative solos this spring and summer. Get involved with your accordion. Be well and have a happy and safe Easter.
In friendship, !!!!!!! !!!! Gordon



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