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Gordon Kohl


JULY  2020 !

Hello Everyone,

I sincerely hope you’ve been staying healthy during these past months, and that we can see each other, stay in contact, and continue to enjoy playing and listening to accordion music.

To my surprise we had a very nice turnout at our first zoom meeting with 16 people attending.  A special thank you to Pam and Coreen who joined us from out of town.  This type of get together will probably continue for maybe 6 months.  I hope those who did not join last month will come on board and enjoy an online meeting your with ALSI friends.  The music theme for July accordion music will be patriotic songs and marches.

If you need help getting prepared to play or enhancing your zoom sound quality, call me.  You may enhance your individual accordion live audio by going into advanced audio sound.  There you have a choice of 3 settings to suppress the background sound of others while you play your solo.  

Stay vigilant and cautious when out and about.  Be careful, safe, well, and enjoy your summer.  Yes, some accordion playing and practice time will always make the days more enjoyable.  See you on Sunday, July 12th at 1:00 pm.  Please arrive a few minutes prior.  New meeting participants need to provide me your e-mail address via text: 619-395-0454, or e-mail: gkohl5890@ gmail.com.

Best regards, Gordon



Hello Everyone,                     JUNE 2020 

    I’m excited to try to get together for a short visit and introduce ALSI to a Zoom meeting.  We’ll have our first on-line meeting via Zoom on Sunday, June 14, from 1 PM - 2 PM.  First step is everyone needs to have my email address for Zoom.  It is gkohl5890@gmail.com.  I’m going to have my IT specialist on board to help guide us through our first meeting.

     I’ll play a song or two and will arrange for a couple of others from the club to play a song.  This will be a good tester for sound and visual presentation.  After we work out bugs in transmissions, then in July we can have a super good Accordion Club meeting.

     I’m hoping to arrange a Zoom Showcase Concert for August with Nick Ballarini from Dallas, Texas.  If it won’t be possible then I’ll try to arrange for a YouTube link of him that is pre-taped and sent to us to enjoy.  Yes, there are a lot of hoops that I have to learn to jump through, and perhaps you, as well.  For our Accordion Club members to continue to enjoy accordion music it will be well worth the learning time.

        If any of our club members would be on a committee with me called the Zoom Team I would sure welcome your assistance.

       Thank always to those in the music world and here in San Diego.  So many people have been affected by this world pandemic.  Hopefully music can give us some enjoyment and a chance to enjoy visiting with our ALSI friends.  May you all stay well and keep looking forward to many wonderful nice sunny spring and summer days.

Sincerely, your friend in music,



         It is our wish that it will be as soon as possible for ALSI to get together again when we get a break from the virus. Accordion players just love to be together to play their music, so now is the time to practice for when the time comes.

         You may contact me for any help you may wish with your music at:                 gkohl5890@gmail.com (Skype),  text or phone me at 619 395-0454 or 

          email me at gordonkohl@gordonkohlaccordions.com.
         Be safe and enjoy the little things in life including beautiful sunny  days!
All the best,         Gordon


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