A. L. S. I. Join us in San Diego
A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

The ALSI monthly newsletter is the REED BLOCK which includes:

- Meeting information and summaries,
- Concert notices,
- Picnic and special event notices,
- New release reviews of audio and video products,
- Member biographies,
- Where local artists are playing,
- News of ALSI Ensemble activities,
- General accordion news.

2020 Annual membership/subscription costs are:
$25 USA, $26 Canada, $27 for International, and
$100 for Gold Membership per person.


Send to;
          ALSI c/o Lois Lahoud     6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120

                       or you can pay at the monthly meeting.



April 2019
Reed Block Newsletter
Apr 2019 Reed Block.pdf
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March 2019
Reed Block Newsletter
Mar 2019 REED BLOCK.pdf
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February 2019
Reed Block Newsletter
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January 2019
Reed Block Newsletter
Jan 2019 REED BLOCK.pdf
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