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Next meeting on Sunday

May 3rd   1:00 PM to 4 PM


Sorry,  the April 5th meeting has been cancelled.

Hopefully we will be back together in May performing again.


Our Next Meeting May 3rd, will be the 1st Sunday due to Mothers day May 10th.

 There will be an open mic and goodies and refreshments provided.

You are welcome to bring in some of your favorite treats.

Come on in all of you shy and previous accordion players.


Please call Bob Warner (858) 748-3559 to schedule a time slot for open mic.
or you can call Gordon Kohl (619) 395-0454 for music advise.

A friend of mine once left his accordion in his unlocked car.

Shocked when he returned half an hour later to find *two* accordions in the back seat.
April Fools
April 5th. Sorry... meeting cancelled............. Practice instead.
May 3rd. due to Mothers Day on 10th.  Practice, Practice, Practice.
 June 4, 5 & 6th,  Gordons Accordion camp.  619-395-0454.
June 14th. picnic – BBQ at Bailey Hall  – Polka Dots  sing-a-long time
July 12th. TBD  
August 2nd. meeting – 1st. Sunday – Nick Ballarini is our scheduled guest.
ATG is the following week in LA   Aug 5 - 9.
Need a lesson now?     Call Gordon. He can Skype you a lesson.
NEW  -   Beginner Accordion Ensemble  -  Would you like to have others to play with, keep each other in rhythm, provide encouragement, and play simple pieces at ALSI  and etc?
We now have a Beginner Accordion Ensemble, for those at Palmer-Hughes book 2 or 3 level.
Contact Daria Doering for days, times, location and more information.  619-294-6577 (home), 619-788-2042 (texts) or doeringsx5@gmail.com.
doeringsx5@gmail.com  see article in Reed Block newsletter.


Rescheduled,    Gordon's Special Accordion Camp
Thurs June 4, 5 & 6th, in Chula Vista. 

Call Gordon at 619-395-0454.


Directions to Accordion Club San Diego,

Take Rt 125 South (La Mesa) from Interstate 8 or Rt 94.

to 'Paradise Valley Road / Jamacha Blvd offramp,

NOT Jamacha Road .
Turn Right heading East on Jamacha Blvd. then turn Right on to Kempton ST .
Procede several blocks, after you pass Carlos Street then take next Left, 

into the entrance and proceed left to the end.
The parking area to Room 100 is at the end of parking lot.
 Look for Baloons and our sign visible from the street.

If lost call Lois Lahoud (619) 582-1427
325 Kempton Ave., Spring Valley, CA 91977

Admission is FREE for first time attendees. Only $5.oo for returnees.


April 5th,  Meeting is 1st Sunday since the 12th is Easter Sunday.


* * * 2020 MEMBERSHIP * * *

Mail $25.oo  to;  ALSI / Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120



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More info contact : Lois Lahoud (619) 582-1427,    loislahoud@cox.net

Admission is FREE for first time attendees. Only $5.oo for returnees.


PRESIDENT: Gordon Kohl (619) 395-0454
NEWSLETTER: Ted Hill  / Lois Lahoud
Newsletter submissions;  loislahoud@cox.net

Website Editor;  Al Piselli

Webmaster; Bob Page


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 Annual 2020 Dues renewal is still only ($25)

Same rates as the last 10 years $25 USA, $26 Canada, $27 International

$100 Gold with free admission. Mail to; ALSI Reed Block
Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120



NEXT MEETING:   Sunday May 3 rd, Bailey Hall,  Mount Miguel.



A.L.S.I. is San Diego's forum for appreciating and performing accordion music, including the MIDI electronic accordion. We welcome members who enjoy listening to or playing accordion music. We have an accordion ensemble group, monthly meetings, local concerts featuring local and internationally famous performers,

an annual picnic and a monthly newsletter.




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