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     A. L. S. I. - Accordion Lover's Society International




 Sun March 10 th.   @ 1 - 4 pm.

 Gene Kolasny ALSI will be blessed with a real treat at the monthly meeting

to hear an accomplished accordionist.
Gene has been a member of the Chicago Accordion Club since 2002.
Most of Gene’s musical feel and knowledge comes from listening to music of all kinds. He is able to replicate and improvise without music. The accordion and piano are his lifelong personal hobbies he enjoys Previn, Ramsey Lewis, Oscar Peterson and more. He plays a wood Victoria; similar to Frank Morocco and currently spends winter months in Scottsdale Arizona. Note: Steve Halpern heard Gene play in Chicago and was blown away. He was able to convince Gene to come to play for us at A.L.S.I.  on March 10th.


At Mount Miguell, 325 Kemptom Street, Spring Valley Ca.


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Mail to;  ALSI / Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120



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We thank Gail Campanella  for an unforgetable performance.

She was taught by the greats ad extremely entertaining. Thanks again.


March 22  Frank Patrilli & Creosote at Museum of Making Music.
April 13th. ALSI meeting

April 4, 5, & 6th Accordion Camp 2 with Gordon Kohl.  

For more information and to sign up call (619) 395-0454 or  click below;



Go check out the Museum of Maing Music and Special Accordion Exhibit NOW!.


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Mail to;  ALSI / Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120



 Annual 2018 Dues renewal is still only ($25) or Gold ($100)
ALSI / Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120

Don't miss out, for $2.00 a Month you'll get
another great year of exciting newsletters and entertainment.
You can't find a better entertainment value.
Our talented members, Tom Escola, Gordon Kohl, Bob Page, Henry Doktorski, Debra Peters, 

Brian Money, Shelia Lee, Bonnie Birch,  Chuck Henry, Heinz Trilck  and more.

Same rates as the last 6 years $25 USA, $26 Canada, $27 International

$100 Gold with free admission. Mail to; ALSI Reed Block
Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120


ALSI  monthly Admission is only $5.oo members.
PRESIDENT: Gordon Kohl (619) 395-0454
NEWSLETTER: Ted Hill  / Lois Lahoud
Newsletter submissions;  loislahoud@cox.net

Website Editor;  Al Piselli
NEXT MEETING: March  10th, Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Back to Spring Valley.


A.L.S.I. is San Diego's forum for appreciating and performing accordion music, including the MIDI electronic accordion. We welcome members who enjoy listening to or playing accordion music. We have an accordion ensemble group, monthly meetings, local concerts featuring local and internationally famous performers,

an annual picnic and a monthly newsletter.





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