A. L. S. I. Join us in San Diego
A. L. S. I.                         Join us in San Diego                       

                            A. L. S. I.

ccordion Lover's Society International




 Sun May 5 th.   @ 1 - 4 pm.


First Sunday due to Mothers Day this month and New Location Rm 100.


You are invited to Jam with Gordon,   RSVP with Bob Warner

Great opportunity to Play and Listen to all your Accordion favorites.

Bring your family members and friends.

We provide Coffee, Refreshments, Music  and Goodies all for $5.oo.

Please call Bob Warner to submit your play list     858-748-3559.
 If you need help finding a song, Please call me, 619 395-0454 Gordon.


ROOM # 100 - Details coming soon and maps in the Newsletter.

Same room as before with large fireplace  / South West corner of complex.


Thanks to Tom Escola and Gordon Kohl for their outstanding Duet Sunday.



325 Kempton Ave., Spring Valley, CA 91977

Just 11 miles east of downtown San Diego.
Call (877) 321-4895 for additional directions information.

From Rt 8 take the 125 South to;

From -  I 5 or I 805   Take Rt 54 East then exit at Jamacha Blvd. ( not Road ) , travel East.
Pass over Freeway. Take next turn Right on Kempton St.

Contact : Lois Lahoud (619) 582-1427,    loislahoud@cox.net


* * * 2019 MEMBERSHIP * * *

Mail $25.oo  to;  ALSI / Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120



****  Subscribe to the ALSI Reed Block Newletter for more information. ****


Go check out the Museum of Making Music and Special Accordion Exhibit NOW!.




May 5th. ALSI meeting, Gordon Kohl and Tom Eskola will be featured.

Last 30 minutes  - Get to Jam with Gordon.

June 9th. ALSI picnic at Lindo Lake Park in Lakeside




 Annual 2019 Dues renewal is still only ($25) or Gold ($100)
ALSI / Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120

Don't miss out, for $2.00 a Month you'll get
another great year of exciting newsletters and entertainment.
You can't find a better entertainment value.
Our talented members; Tom Escola, Gordon Kohl, Bob Page, Henry Doktorski, Debra Peters, 

Brian Money, Shelia Lee, Bonnie Birch,  Chuck Henry, Heinz Trilck  and more.

Same rates as the last 8 years $25 USA, $26 Canada, $27 International

$100 Gold with free admission. Mail to; ALSI Reed Block
Lois Lahoud, 6225 Snowbond St. San Diego, Ca. 92120


ALSI  monthly Admission is only $5.oo members.
PRESIDENT: Gordon Kohl (619) 395-0454
NEWSLETTER: Ted Hill  / Lois Lahoud
Newsletter submissions;  loislahoud@cox.net

Website Editor;  Al Piselli
NEXT MEETING: May 5 th, First Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  Spring Valley.


A.L.S.I. is San Diego's forum for appreciating and performing accordion music, including the MIDI electronic accordion. We welcome members who enjoy listening to or playing accordion music. We have an accordion ensemble group, monthly meetings, local concerts featuring local and internationally famous performers,

an annual picnic and a monthly newsletter.




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