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 Dec 12  Holli-Day Festival LIVE Sun 1- 4 pm. 

Your chance to play your music. Sorry no Zoom.

We're back in person live at Bailey Hall. Pacific time.

To be on the play list, call or e-mail       Bob Warner    r.t.warner@att.net    858-748-3559

or Gordon Kohl  gkohl5890@gmail.com   619-354-0454!


Need a lesson now?  Gordon can Skype /  Zoom you a lesson.

  619-395-0454   /      gkohl5890@gmail.com     e-mail


Sunday Dec 17 th Gordon Kohl  Workshop

3:45 - 6:00 P.M  Pacific  Sign in early........ Theory lesson &  more.

Accordion Workshop on ZOOM . $20   * see  Upcoming Events

Topics incude: —Articulation, Bellow Phrasing & Expression.
—Attention will be given to both treble & bass touch and inflection skills

Songs;  Sleigh Ride, All of me with jazz chords.

 Gordon Kohl's Holiday Music Accordion Workshop.  White Christmas- Chord Intro- Broken Chord Fills- Adding Rhythm notes-& Swinging the Bass Pattern. - Syncopation to "Up On The Housetop" & More 

Hope to see  you soon, on ZOOM.

Make $20 payment via paypal at Gordon’s site below;


Click here to watch Gordon's videos.
Gordon's workshop on Zoom.  Dec 17 th Sunday  4 - 6 pm.  Pacific time.

1. Send gordon an e-mail that you are interested. You will receive
an e-mail from Gordon. Make sure your e-mail in our database is current.   gkohl5899@gmail.com.  In this e-mail you receive, you will see "Join zoom meeting" followed by a link, which is a series of letters and numbers underlined in blue. ON a passcode, don't mistake the number 0 for the letter O or o.  Please sign in as early as 3:40 pm.

There may be technical chalenges at 4pm.
It may get busy and you may not get invited in.
Have speakers on,  Video camera & microphone optional.
2. Make note of meeting ID number and Password.
 3.  Click on the link. A window will open ad you will see an option to open and

install the zoom program.   Click on the option to open / install.
4.  Be sure to select “Join with audio” when you see the option to be heard.
5. You will see a window that says "The host will let you into the meeting soon" and eventually you’ll see on your screen, Gordon and all the other attendees, each in their separate "frames",  as each one is let into the meeting.
6. Whether you are using a computer, tablet, or a smart phone, you will need
to find the audio speakers, microphone and video camera controls.
These may appear as icons inside your photo square, or you may have to hover your mouse around the bottom of the screen to "light up" the icons.
7. Good luck!  see you there.



* * * 2022 MEMBERSHIP * * *

****  Subscribe to the ALSI Reed Block Newletter and be up to date. ****

 Annual  2021 Dues renewal are still only ($25) or $100 Gold

Same rates as the last 10 years $25 USA, $26 Canada, $27 International

More info contact : Lois  (619) 582-1427,    loislahoud@cox.net


PRESIDENT: Gordon Kohl (619) 395-0454
NEWSLETTER:    Donna Kasper  / Lois Lahoud

Website Editor;  Al Piselli

Webmaster;   Bob Page


Monthly meetings are held on the Second Sunday each month.

Mt. Miguel Covenant Village, 325 Kempton St. Spring Valley, Ca 91977

Dec 26 - Sun 1-3 pm. Zoom session FREE for all.

A.L.S.I. is San Diego's forum for appreciating and performing accordion music, including the MIDI electronic accordion.  We welcome members who enjoy listening to or playing accordion music.  We have an accordion ensemble band, monthly  Zoom meetings, with concerts featuring local and internationally famous performers and a monthly newsletter.


Mt. Miguel Covenant Village, 325 St. Spring Valley, Ca 91977

MT. MIGUEL  Directions to Accordion Club San Diego,
Take Rt 125 South (La Mesa) from Interstate 8 or Rt 94.
to;  'Paradise Valley Road / Jamacha Blvd off ramp,  NOT Jamacha Road .
Turn Right heading East on Jamacha Blvd. then turn Right on to Kempton ST .
Procede then LEFT through Main entrance, to Bailey Hall.




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